Destination Church has established a Saved One Fund for the purpose of providing short-term financial assistance to individuals or regular attendees.

Please review the terms and requirements below to see if you are eligible. You may submit an Application for Financial Assistance below or pick up a paper copy from the box beside the children's entrance (facing Ware Street). Click the button below to download an application and submit to either our main location at 2081 Ware St. Ext, Blackshear, GA (in the box beside entrance facing Ware Street) or DC Downtown at 201 Jenkins St, Waycross, GA.

Please note:

  • Destination Church CANNOT GIVE ANY IMMEDIATE HELP. Allow up to 5-7 days for processing and please understand that we cannot guarantee anything. Any bill submitted must be due in the current month.
  • WE CANNOT ACCEPT ORIGINAL BILLS – YOU must provide copies. Destination Church will only make a copy of your Driver’s License.
  • WE WILL NOT PROCESS AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION. Please check to be sure you have completed every page. It is your responsibility to provide proper documentation. The amount listed must match exactly the amount on the bill. Do not estimate or round off the amount.
  • YOU MUST ATTACH OFFICIAL, CURRENT statements or bills GIVING THE EXACT AMOUNT DUE and the NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE PAYEE for every item listed as a need. Please be sure that any online account printouts also have the amount due and the name and address of the payee clearly printed on them. Otherwise, we will not consider them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Church has established a Saved One Fund for the purpose of providing short-term financial assistance to individuals or regular attendees. This fund is designed to assist with financial needs up to the amount of $100.00.
Assistance from the church will take into account the use of one’s personal resources, including family assistance (such as parents, children, relatives, etc.) as well as their local church community network (such as a small group, area community, etc.).
Any approved funds will be made payable to the provider of the service. No money will be given directly to the individual.

Wise stewardship dictates that assistance be extended when unexpected and serious circumstances develop, creating a hardship in which the health, safety or welfare of one or more members of the household is directly affected. Typically, these hardships are the result of a job loss, an accident, illness or death in the immediate family.
Examples of eligible expenses may include but are not limited to:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Monthly bills – Rent/Mortgage, Utilities, etc.
  • Medical bills not covered by insurance for necessary, non-elective medical treatment
  • Relocation to another residence because of fire, flood, or domestic violence

Examples of expenses that are typically NOT eligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Attorney fees
  • Reimbursement for unpaid sick time
  • Tuition expenses
  • Income/Property taxes
  • Bail Money
  • Credit card debt
  • Bill consolidation loans
  • Car payments/insurance/repairs
  • Repayment of loans to family/friends
  • Home repairs or relocation to another residence (unless it is a result of a fire, flood, domestic violence or other catastrophic event)


Our desire is to help you. In order to assure that we are serving you in the best manner and be good stewards of God’s resources, we need to understand you and your financial circumstances. Your information will only be disclosed to those involved in the application process.

1. Complete all information on the application and sign it. Include any additional documentation that is requested, such as your
lease or mortgage agreement, bank statements, billing statements or any other related documents pertaining to your financial
2. You may bring your application back to DC Downtown or Destination Church and place it in our locked drop box. Someone will contact you
regarding your application. You may be called in for a consultation with our Saved One Consultant. It is important that you provide the correct contact information. Consultations are ONLY held on Wednesday mornings at the discretion of our consultant.