The vision of DC Kids is to see a future where every child has someone who knows and loves them... someone to encourage and support them to live and grow in an authentic, everyday faith.

In DC Kids, we want to support and encourage families by connecting them with leaders who know and love their kids.
Leaders who start conversations during our weekend services that can help them demonstrate and teach the kids how to live and grow in an authentic, everyday faith. We strive to create a safe, fun environment for every single family!

We keep it safe by providing a secure check-in and check-out process for our families and by maintaining policies for everything from cleaning to emergency protocols. Our amazing and incredible Dream Team has also been background checked and interviewed before they begin serving. We know that by also providing a fun environment, we create a place where our kids feel safe and can build encouraging, formative relationships. And by doing this, you, as their parents/guardians, can attend and enjoy a weekly service, 100% worry free.

If it's your first time visiting with us, you can now pre-register your child(ren) to save time at check-in! Just click or tap the button below:

Areas of Ministry

Infant Room (6 weeks - 18 months)

The best place for the littlest members of Destination Church! Our infant room is stocked with many safe and age appropriate toys for your children. We have dedicated and friendly staff volunteers who will love and care for your little ones while you attend the service. We provide a changing service by pre-screened adult volunteers, who will pray over your children and begin to introduce them to the big world that God has created through music and singing. There will also be plenty of free time for your children to play and interact with the other children around them.

Toddler Room (18 months - 3 years)

The Toddler Room is where play and fun combine with crafts and songs! This room is stocked with safe and age appropriate toys for your children, with dedicated and friendly staff volunteers who will love and care for your children while you attend the service. For this age
group, our volunteer staff will begin to introduce your children to ways that they can Spend Time With God and Spend Time With Others! They’ll do this through basic, monthly Bible stories, crafts, songs, and other activities. They also oversee free play as a time to interact with their peers and maybe practice what they have been learning.

Preschool Room (3-5 years; must be potty trained)

The Preschool Room is where the fun kicks into high gear! In this room our awesome, dedicated, and friendly volunteers engaged the children with crafts, activities, songs, and stories in a high energy, theme-based service designed to teach them how to grow in four spiritual habits: Spending Time With God, Spending Time With Others, Using Their Gifts, and Sharing Their Story!

Journey (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

Journey is for elementary aged kids from Kindergarten – 5th Grade. In this area of ministry, we focus heavily on meeting in small groups! Each group meeting with a
dedicated and consistent leader who focuses on connecting with the children to help them develop an authentic faith! They’ll also connect with you as the parent/guardian to encourage you as you help your kids develop an everyday faith! Each small group leader will lead their group through age appropriate activities to help them connect with each other, memorize a monthly Bible verse, apply the Biblical story, and pray for one another. Our hosts and worship leaders bring the fun and energy into the room by leading all the groups in our Core Values, Memory Verse Motions, Worship, and the Bible Story of the week.

We want every kid who moves up to middle school to know and develop habits to help them Love God, Love People, Be Different, and Change the World!


Even though you may or may not be able to connect in person at times, there are still many ways for you to keep your kids connected with what's happening in DC Kids!

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