Join Destination

Membership at Destination Church is not about adding your name to a roster; it’s about connecting with the people and the vision of the church.


We invite you to come to Destination Church several times to see and experience the difference our church can make in your life. If Destination Church seems like the church for you, we encourage you to attend our Growth Track which is a four step Journey into who we are as a church and more importantly how God designed you for a unique purpose.


In this class, our Lead Pastor and other staff pastors will share the history of Destination Church and also…

  • Our statements—purpose and beliefs
  • Our strategy—reaching the lost and helping members grow
  • Our structure—how the church is organized and the unique way we view church membership

The class ends with an opportunity to make your connection to and membership in the church official.

StepONE is always the first Sunday of each month at 9:00am during our first service.


After completing stepONE, you’ll want to continue through stepTWO, stepTHREE and stepFOUR of the Destination Growth Track. This process will help you discover more about yourself and how you can make a difference by being a part of our Dream Team.