COVID-19 January 2022 Update

Because everyone counts, we are doing our best to make our campus a safe, clean environment. Please read a statement from our Lead Team and Staff:

January 11, 2022

Dear Destination Church Family,

Welcome to 2022! The staff and lead team of Destination Church pray that this is the best year yet for you and your family. As we look forward to all the great things God has for this year, we know that the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy our joy and hope for things to come. Our response to Satan’s distractions will determine our outcomes for the year.

The first distraction we face this year is a new wave of Covid-19. Each variant brings new sickness, fear, anger, and frustration. We encourage you to take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

Destination Church continues to disinfect our facilities and provide masks for those who need them. We monitor and follow the current CDC guidelines for Covid. Washing hands and physical distancing are still best practices. Consult your health care provider for other options that might be right for you. Check with your team leader if you feel you have been exposed and wonder if you can serve as part of the Dream Team. Indeed, if you feel sick in any way, please enjoy the service from home.

We would love to care for you spiritually in any way possible. Please, let us know if you need prayer or ministry (not just for Covid) by calling the church office at 912-284-9337 or reaching out to your small group leader. Together, we, the church, can overcome any obstacles and avoid distractions that want to keep us from all God has for us in 2022.

Because Everyone Counts,
The Staff and Lead Team of Destination Church



September 15, 2021

Dear Destination Church Family,

The Lead Team and Staff of Destination Church are thankful for the way you, the church body, are encouraging and loving each other in the middle of the calamity of Covid. As the world struggles to find hope in this storm, remember, our hope is in the name of Jesus. Opinions will come and go, but Jesus is forever (Psalm 20:7).

While we have done a great job showing the region that EVERYONE COUNTS we want to remind you of a few ways we can honor each other in these difficult times.
Here are a few:

  • If you are not feeling well or have a person in your home with Covid-19 or possible Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home and participate through our online campus. Symptoms can include one or more of the following: fever, headache, cough, loss of smell/taste, shortness of breath, body aches, sore throat, diarrhea, or nausea/vomiting.
  • Students and children are especially vulnerable to the current Delta variant of Covid-19. If your child has been exposed (at school or home), please do not bring them to church. If your child does not feel well or has any signs of illness, please choose to keep them at home. DC Kids has an online option on Sundays (you can find the online services for both Primary and Elementary ages on the DC Kids page of this website) so kids can engage with the week’s lesson. DC Students also stream their Wednesday Wave service through YouTube (links can be found on the DC Students page of this website)
  • We also encourage you to make use of the other precautions available:
    • Wash your hands.
    • Use hand sanitizer located throughout the lobby and sanctuary.
    • Wear face masks if needed.
    • Limit personal contact (for example: saying I love you with a fist bump
      instead of a hug).
    • Discuss medical options with your healthcare provider that can best protect you and your family from Covid-19.

We will win this battle with Covid-19. We will do it by being a church community. By practicing simple choices that prefer others, we prove to ourselves and the region that EVERY ONE COUNTS. The world is watching us; let’s give them something to see!
Destination Church, you 
are a city on a hill and a light in the darkness (Matt 5:14-16). Go forward and shine!

Every One Counts,
Destination Church Lead Team and Staff



August 20, 2021

Dear Destination Church Family, 

We pray this finds you and your family healthy. As we are in the middle of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting we have a couple of reminders we would like to share with you.

Once again, our community is under attack from an unseen enemy, COVID-19. The lead team of Destination Church agrees this is not a time to retreat.

We do not feel we need to go back to strictly virtual services, but we will continue to provide DC Online for all of our services (including Wednesday night prayer services).

We will not require you to wear a mask but believe that everyone has the right to wear one without being made to feel awkward.  Many in our congregation are vaccinated, but many are not. All we ask is that you make your decisions on the best medical advice possible.

We also ask that you join us online for services if you feel sick or under the weather (with COVID-19 symptoms or anything else).

The Staff and Lead Team are here to encourage and uplift you spiritually. As a church, let us speak life to those who are tired and hopeless. Let’s declare righteousness over ungodliness. Choose mercy over judgment just like the Lord does. We have the gift of eternal life; let’s show the world that acting like Jesus makes all the difference in how we get through this

Destination Church, you are the light in the darkness. Keep shining by loving and serving like Jesus, and watch the Father draw men and women all over this region to His Son. We love you and are here to serve you!


Because EVERYONE Counts!
The Lead Team of Destination Church



July 30, 2021

     Where did the Summer go? School is about to be in, and that means football games, band practices, and the hope of cooler weather. One thing our healthcare providers have made clear is that COVID-19 is changing its game. Hospitals are reaching their capacity, and younger patients are filling their beds.

We recommend you discuss any questions concerning COVID-19 with your local medical provider to find the best course of action to keep your family safe.

The Staff and Lead Team pray for wisdom for you and your family to navigate the ever-changing course of the pandemic. 

     We are continuing to have the church cleaned each week and regularly disinfected by our friends at Germinator. We have placed hand sanitizer stations throughout the church, and facemasks are available in the front lobby for those that desire them.

Remember to wash your hands regularly and if you are not feeling your best, join us online for service. 

     In the end, vaccinated or not, we are all being deeply affected by this terrible infection. The Lead Team and Staff want nothing more than for you to follow James 1:5:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given.” 

We are looking forward to all the fall season brings to life here at Destination Church. Let’s live with our hearts and arms wide open. Fear has no place in our midst. We choose to be a people known for our love, joy, and sound thinking instead. May the Lord bless you and your family during this season. 

EveryOne Counts,
Destination Lead Team and Staff