In October of 2009 God put a dream in the heart of Johnny Mitcham to talk to Rodney Thrift about the possibility of merging his church, Freedom Community Church and Crossway Church. Rodney and Renee’ and Johnny and Wendy prayed about it and sought counsel from their Lead Teams and felt like that God said to move forward with the dream.

After much conversation and prayer the decision was made to merge the two ministries. On March 28th, 2010 the merge was official and the two churches started doing ministry as one church on two campuses. It took from March until July to complete the merger and move forward as one ministry called Destination Church.  On August 8th, 2010 the two churches had their first service all under one roof.

It is the desire of Destination to help you build strong relationships with God and others and to become more like Jesus Christ every day. Destination Church is a Bible Believing, life giving, non-denominational body of believers. Our focus is to create pathways for people that are far from God and that they would come into a growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As people progress through the steps to become a strong Christian we believe that it is imperative that they continually build creative and ever changing ways to grow and go. It is our desire to have many venues so that people can use their gifts, talents and abilities to minister to people that are far from God.